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Hobro Både- og Fiskerihavn (Harbor)

Hobro Marina

In 1917 the harbor moved to the present area – right next to Denmark’s oldest active wood dockyard, which was founded in 1849. Since 1977 the dockyard has restored and renovated old wooden ships –  all while the neighbor, Hobro Marina, developed but with great respect to the history.

The focal point of the harbor is still fishery – although today there is only one fulltime fisherman and 4-5 who fish as a sideline occupation.

The development of the harbor has been affected by this and therefore the focus is on many other activities related to the harbor. It is now primarily sail boats and speed boats, which occupies the main part of the 81 spots, just as family activities and great hospitality towards the guests is part of the everyday.

Guest fee per day: 80 kr.
Use of tow place: Free

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