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Hodde Gamle Skole

Come by Hodde Gamle Skole and experience what it was like to go to school from 150 years ago. The school appears extremely authentic with original catheters and desks.

A law passed in 1814 by King Frederik VI, regarding education for children in the countryside, this small thatch red school was founded in 1831. As time went by people tried to adapt the law and soon provided school education during winter. The children were needed at the farm as helpers, and the poor man`s child could not get work during the summer. This ended with "Den vestjydske skoleordning" ( the Westjutlandic school law). Hodde School was closed the year 1955.

The school is situated close to the Hodde church.

Entrance is free. At the museums entrace you will find a sign with a phonenumber. Call the number and ascertain the password for the entrance. No additional calling fees charged.