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Højerup New Church

The church was built of chalk-stone from the cliffs of Stevns Klint.

The apse wal, however, has got layers of flint built in, thus imitating the cliffs' geological structure.

The church was consecrated i 1913. It appears as a traditional Romanesque village church with nave, choir, apse, porch and tower. The alter is of chalk-stone, decorated with ornaments showing Christian symbols: in the middle an eye in a triangle, symbolising the trinity. The altarpiece of wood has carving with a symbol of the resurrected Christ (lamb with standard of victory) and symbols of the four evangelists.

The large font is of chalk-stone. It is decorated with tree angels relief. The artist Johannes Malling has painted the trescoes of the church.

The pew gables tell the legend of the old church at the cliff edge, which every Chrismas Eve moves a sosk stride further inland in order not to fall into the sea.

Please be aware that you must pay DKK 40, when parking.