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Find fun and old-fashioned items in our little shop. Høkeren is located in the middle of Kerteminde and is set up as a grocery store from around 1900.

Herring, toys and everything in between
Høkeren is located in an old building from the 18th century, which has been carefully restored. At Høkeren, we make a virtue of being able to offer a product range that is as authentic as possible. From floor to ceiling, the shop is filled with all kinds of goods – from toys to shingles. In short, a really old-fashioned 'mixed general store' that makes you feel transported to the beginning of the 20th century.

The story behind the Høkeren
The idea of ​​furnishing an old hugger's stall arose in 1983 on the occasion of Kerteminde Handelsforening's 100-year anniversary. In collaboration with the Trade Association, Kerteminde Museum, Kerteminde Municipal School and Kerteminde Municipality, the stall in Trollegade was furnished with original furniture from some of the many old shops that were closed down in these years. The municipality made premises available, while the Trade Association was helpful with the administration and procurement of goods. Pupils from the municipal school looked after the stall, and the municipality supported the project financially. The students gave the stall the name "Høkeren", the operation of which has since been completely transferred to Kerteminde Museums.
In the early 1900s, there was a høkers shop in the property.

Practical information:
Opening hours: 1 June – 31 August and mid-November – 23 December
Monday-Friday at 10 – 17
Saturday-Sunday at 10-16

Find your way:
Trollegade 1A, 5300 Kerteminde Høkeren is located in the cozy Trollegade in the middle of Kerteminde.

The Høker is located in an authentic environment. That is why the courtyard has topped cobblestones, and the shop itself has stepping stones and door steps. We are ready with a helping hand if there is a need for it.

There is free entrance