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Holstebro Court House

The new court house was ready for use in Easter 2012, and was officially inaugurated on June 12, 2012. The building is 4150 m2 and is 3 stories tall. The project team behind was A. Enggaard A/S, Bascon A/S and the architecture company Arkitema K/S.

It is designed with the idea that a court house should radiate dignity and authority, and at the same time support the court as an accommodating and open organisation.

For the facade they used a sand-colored brick - a classic Danish building material, that through it's normality expresses democracy and closeness to the citizens, but here it is refined to give the building an aura of quality, that helps create the friendly dignity, that's wanted.

In the same way, the work with the horizontal bands and related relief effects in the facade, is a result of a wish to reduce the scale of the building to more human proportions, and thereby contribute to a feeling of forthcomingness.

The courthouse is filled with a lot of beautiful art that you can walk around the building and enjoy, for more information