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A magical place on Læsø's north coast. This beach area is one of Læsø's absolute gems.
Holtemmen is the place on the island with the greatest diversity of plants (including cuckoo, sundew and yellow iris)

It is believed that the name came from "hold the reins", when you drove here in a horse-drawn carriage, and it went down towards the coast.

Holtemmen is a so-called mosaic nature, which is probably the island's most diverse and exciting to explore. It teems with life here – both insects, birds and a multitude of plant species with different requirements for both nutrition and humidity.

Here you will find several carnivorous plants. The plant is covered with a small leaf rosette of light green, greasy basal leaves that can catch small insects that dare to crawl over it. The round-leaf sundew with its long, thin, red hairs secretes a sticky secretion that attracts the insects to grow in dense clusters. There are also lots of orchids here.

When you stand on the old coastal cliff, you can look out over the entire area and see the lighthouse island Nordre Rønner to the north. When you move down into the area, it would be a good idea to wear rubber boots - even in the middle of a dry summer.

Galloway cattle are employed as nature caretakers in the area and ensure that the light-loving plants thrive.