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Horsens Medieval Festival (Horsens Middelalderfestival)

Experience the nerve-wracking knights’ tournaments, the eccentric entertainers and make a bargain with the stallholders at Northern Europe’s largest medieval festival. Every year, the modern city of Horsens is filled by the magic atmosphere of the Middle Ages when the castle walls of FÆNGSLET and the city centre are peppered with knights and other worthies during Horsens Medieval Festival.

Northern Europe’s largest medieval festival

You are sent on a journey back in time when more than 100,000 people meet at Horsens Medieval Festival. For three days, FÆNGSLET is transformed into a living castle with knights in rattling armour calmly walk around musicians, craftsmen, stallholders and entertainers during the largest medieval festival in Northern Europe.

Here, you can explore the historical events and the thick, dark walls of FÆNGSLET will quickly encapsulate you in the magical world of the Middle Ages. It is the perfect backdrop for the festival that lets you explore the food, music, theatre, raw muscle and crafts of the past.

Horsens Medieval Festival is the largest returning event in Horsens and, for 25 years, people from both Denmark and abroad have contributed to spreading this very special atmosphere through the streets of the entire city.


Experience the historical knights’ tournaments

The sight of knights in rattling amour lifting their lances and galloping towards their enemy makes the crowd hold its collective breath. You cannot avoid getting caught up in the atmosphere when the knights are jousting, regardless of whether you cheer for the horse with the fastest hooves of the knight with the most beautiful headgear.

The historical knights’ tournaments are one pivotal point during the festival. Professional knights lifting their swords provide an opportunity for both young and old to feel really close to history.


Explore the many stalls

The smell of food pervades the market place where trading craftsmen haggle on anything from clothes to jewellery, to the sale of bowls, spoons, knives and freshly caught fish. During the Horsens Medieval Festival, you can experience more than 280 different stalls providing you with a unique insight into the everyday life of the Middle Ages.

From the stalls you can also buy and eat real medieval food which is naturally prepared over open fire. Enjoy pancakes, freshly baked bread, candied applies, simmering stews and crackly sausages. Of course, you can wash it all down with beer, mead or cold water.


Visit the open-air workshops

During the festival, workshops are held where you can try your skills at some of the activities of the Middle Ages. You can look forward to sword fights and archery but, naturally, there is also room for historical games, dancing, plant dying, jewellery making and much more.

When darkness falls and the stars come out above the courtyard of FÆNGSLET, the entertainers appear. If you can stay awake for it, do not miss the impressive fire dancing show that lights up the summer evening.


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