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hotel og madhus rumogrooms

At rumogrooms you stay in new and modern facilities in the centre of the island. Local commodities, ecology, great food and vine will provide the setting for your stay. Rumogrooms have a large room which serves as lounge and restaurant. The room is well suited for larger corporate or family events with as many as 100 participants.

rumogrooms love fresh commodities and spend a lot of time on growing organic vegetables and herbs. They seek to find the world’s best meat, wine, beer and cheese. The chefs at rumogrooms follows the season and cook what the garden or the nearby fields have to offer. At rumogrooms you won’t find a menu card, but are very welcome to read the reviews on the website, TripAdvisor or Booking.com.

The hotel and its personal are well suited for group events. It is possible for larger groups to have the place to themselves. This way they can incorporate all of the facilities and beautiful surroundings in their planning.

Courses and group events:
rumogrooms are happy to help planning group events. Rumogrooms are full of good ideas when it comes to planning an eventful stay on Samsø. Susanne Hesseldal can help you book ferry, bus, bicycles, activities, lunch, music for the event and much more.

The previous years the hotel has provided the setting for several events such as weddings, corporate events, birthdays, family events, yoga retreats, romantic getaways and much more.

Hotel shop 83NUL5.DK
Shop for women who enjoys quality, style and qualified service. The shop and the website are full of clothes, shoes and gifts for any occasion. See the opening hours on 83NUL5.DK.

Dogs are not allowed, since the owners are allergic.

See www.rumogrooms.dk