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Hou Havnefest

Hou is turned topsy-turvy when this year's harbour festival kicks off in the first weekend in July. As usual, the port festival offers a wonderful mix of harbour fun, sports, music, partying and entertainment - and it is completely free.

Every town has its own festival

Of course, this also applies to Hou near Odder. As a port and ferry town, it is obvious that the theme of the event is maritime. The whole town is ready to party and welcomes everyone interested to join in. An invitation that thousands of loyal participants choose to accept every year in mid-July, when summer is at its peak. As a guest, you can browse the tents where you will find plenty of live music to suit all tastes and age groups and you can visit the many food stalls selling a wide variety of food.


Lots of activities by the sea

However, Hou Port Festival is so much more than music and food. The great advantage of being so close to the water is exploited in full. On Saturday morning, a festive sight awaits you when up to 100 triathletes start with 380 m swimming in the open harbour pool for the Hou Mini Triathlon.

On Saturday afternoon, the fearless drop pilots throw themselves into the legendary HOU DROP. When the vessels slide away from the ramp and into the water, the harbour is traditionally surrounded by several thousand spectators. Vote for the winner of the most beautiful vessel or build a raft yourself and take part in the antics.

At 09:30 on Saturday morning, you can get free morning coffee in Søndergade. Once the morning coffee has been drunk and the breakfast rolls have been eaten, it is possible to take a closer look at vintage cars, or make a bargain at the children's flea market. Then walk from Søndergade to the harbour where the popular boot fair can be explored all day, Saturday.


Check out the full programme

Other fun and games, both new and recurring, on land as well as at sea, will no doubt cause both smiles and applause. On Hou Havnefest's website or Facebook page, you can see this year's programme.


About Hou

Hou is a small atmospheric town with a large marina, a nice beach and ferry departures to Tunø and Samsø. Hou is worth a visit all year round and, on this page, you can get further inspiration for experiences in Hou.


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