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The House of Lars Kjær

Lars Kjær and his wife Marie lived in this cozy little house at the foot of Rebild Bakker around a 100 years ago.  

Lars Kjær was a poacher, but his poaching was accepted by the local peasants and counts alike, since he did it out of necessity and only hunted what he needed. Moreover, he was a very well-liked person in the community, and although he was very poor, their door was always open for anyone who needed it. There are many great stories about Lars Kjær, as he was quite the character. He was usually a very composed man, but if he was overwhelmed, he would exclaim ''The spring is burning!''. He is most likely thinking of Ravnkilden, the spring closest to his home. 

When Lars and Marie celebrated their 50-year wedding anniversary, a horse carriage picked them up. Everybody in the area had chipped in, so that there was a lovely spread of coffee and cake at the party. The remaining money was given to Lars and Marie, which made them feel very proud and happy, as they very rarely had any money in their home. 

Today, the house functions as a museum, and has been furnished in the same way as when they lived in the house. While you can only enter the house by booking a tour through Rold StorKro at (+45) 98 37 51 00, you are always welcome to look through the windows and get a peek at how a family from this area lived some 100 years ago.