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Hvidbjerg Church - Thyholm

Hvidbjerg Church - Thyholm

Very impressive ashlar church with apse from about 1200 and two transepts in late Gothic style.

In the southern chapel there are tree wooden coffins with ornamentation of sandstone from about 1750. The south entrance has a door of oak wood from 1668. On the door a Roman bronze head is seen.

The pulpit is from 1596 with six prophets in the sections and a sounding board with a dove. Chancel arch crucifix from about 1450. A strange hanging wooden figure of Jonah and the whale. A beautiful model of a ship and a brass chandelier are all from about 1750. Alterpiece from four different periods with groups of cross bearers of terra-cotta and carved figures of the evangelists. Beautiful stone wall with an unusual amount of cleaved stones.

An important historical event was the murder of a bishop in Hvidbjerg church in 1260. Oluf Glob, the bishop of Børglum was murdered in front of the altar by his nephew Jens Glob because of dispute about succession to the property of Jens Glob's father (HCA 2005 - the fairytale "Bispen af Børglum og hans frænde")