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Ice cream shop (Is Hytten v. Stinesminde)

Make a pit stop at Stinesminde and treat yourself to a delicious ice cream before continuing your journey around the Himmerland landscape.

Near Stinesminde, you'll find this small ice cream hut that operates on an honest self-service system throughout the summer. The ice cream hut is regularly stocked with various delicious ice creams from Frisko, which we all know.

Ice cream and honest self-service - In Himmerland, we trust each other, and this is especially evident at the ice cream hut near Løvdal between Høllet and Stinesminde. Here, there's ice cream for those on the go, whether as hikers or simply out to enjoy the beautiful nature.

The concept at the ice cream hut is the same as we know from all the lovely roadside stalls in Denmark. The ice cream hut is not staffed, but here, there is honest self-service. You choose the ice cream you want and pay on the spot, either in cash (DKK) or with Mobile Pay.

There's also the option to buy cold spring water - just what you need on a hot summer day if you're on foot or cycling in the beautiful area.


A well-deserved break on the Fjord Route - Cycling Route 32

The ice cream hut is conveniently located on the Mariager Fjord Route - Cycling Route 32, which winds around the Mariager Fjord. Here, you can take a break and settle comfortably in the sun while enjoying a refreshing coolness.

So, bring the family on an excursion along the Mariager Fjord and stop by the ice cream hut in Løvdal. The freezer is filled with delicious ice creams, and it's always open (from sunrise to sunset) from Easter to autumn.

Help yourselves and remember to pay.