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The ice skating rink IsRosen in Holbæk

Experience the beauty of winter on ice rink. 

The ice skating rink IsRosen (in English: ice rose) is a free outdoor ice skating rink, which is centrally located in Holbæk. 

During the winter (in December, January and February) the ice rink is open from 10-22, however ice skates can only be rented between 10-18. 

This is a place for everyone, both those of you, who are well trained and those of you who are beginners, and both children and adults. Therefore, it is important that everyone takes good care of each other. Everyone should have fun on the ice!

There are two ice rinks: One for running freely and one for ice hockey. 

Please be aware that usage of the ice rink is at your own risk. The operators of the ice rink cannot take responsibility for theft or accidents. 

Next to the ice rink, there is a small shop, where you can buy a cup of hot chokolate or a slice of pizza. Alcohol is not sold in the kiosk and it is not allowed on the ice rink. The kiosk is open between 10-18 every day during the winter. 

Find opening hours at sidesporet.dk/isrosen/