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Inn and Museum Grønhøj Kro

Grønhøj Kro is a 'royally privileged’ inn from 1848, located on Alheden in the Central Jutland. The area is often called "Eine kleine Deutschland", because the area represents a lot of German cultural heritage.

The Potato Germans

In the inn's stable buildings there are, among other things, rebuilt a barn that originated from German colonists (kartoffeltyskerne) who came to the country in 1760 and made the potato an attractive food in Denmark.

The "Kartoffeltyskerladen" stood about 100 meters from where it was rebuilt today during its first few years. After a few years, the owner decided to move his farm to a place where he had more land. Thus, it became one of the so-called "outlying farms". Today, there are still areas named after several outlying farms, such as "Tohuse", "Trehuse", "Firhuse".

German Memorials and Exhibitions

You can also delve into exhibitions about the nearby German church Frederiks Kirken, Fliegerhost Grove (Karup Air Station), the German refugee cemeteries in Kølvrå and Grove Kirke, as well as the memorial for seven crew members on a crashed Lancaster plane in 1942.

Morten Korch Museum

It is also at Grønhøj Kro, in one of the inn's buildings, you can visit the Morten Korch Museum, which is built around the popular folk writer Morten Korch.

ButikogMusik Høloftet

Treat yourself to a visit to the hayloft when you visit Grønhøj Kro, where you can find wonderful treasures in their cozy retro shop.


Inn Food

You can also order inn food in connection with your visit, but remember to book in advance.

The museums are open year-round. The inn is open by appointment from April 1 to November 1 on weekdays.

Table reservations at +45 20 78 98 72.

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