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Inshore fishing on Alrø

There are many excellent coastal fishing spots in the area around the islands and the mouth of Horsens Fjord. Especially on the island of Alrø, where both the island's southern tip and the causeway to the mainland are popular and productive spots for trout and garfish.

A preferred choice for fishing at Horsens Fjord

The area around Hjarnø, Alrø, and Borre Knob is popular and offers excellent fishing grounds. Although the fjord is wide in this stretch, the islands force the fish to pass through a narrow channel, resulting in a high concentration of fish. On Alrø, you are relatively unaffected by wind and weather conditions and can quickly move to another spot on the island sheltered from the wind if conditions change.


Fishing at Alrø's southern tip

Alrø's southern tip, also known as Egehoved, is a highly favored fishing spot. Here, there's a decent concentration of sea trout, rainbow trout, and garfish. Wading is necessary at this location, but exercise extreme caution. There's a deep channel with strong currents that drop suddenly.

We recommend fishing over a mussel reef that extends westward from Egehoved, approximately a five-minute walk in that direction. The reef is about 100 meters from the coast and is usually visible. From here, you can fish towards the north. This is an ideal spot for fly fishing.

Finding your way to Egehoved is straightforward. Follow Alrøvej all the way through the island, and the road ends at a parking lot near the small ferry dock at the southern tip. There is also a toilet building available.


Fishing at the Alrø Causeway

Alrø is connected to the mainland by a causeway on the northern side of Horsens Fjord. On the east side of the causeway, there's a fine, family-friendly fishing spot. The water is relatively shallow and flat, and conditions are generally best during high tide and with a gentle westward wind. This spot is quite popular during garfish season, especially among families trying their hand at catching garfish. The ground consists mostly of sandy bottom with few stones. Both sea trout and rainbow trout are often found in deep channels between Alrø and Lerdrup. Pay attention to these channels, which can be up to three meters deep with strong currents.

North of the causeway, on the western side of Alrøvej, there's a larger parking lot with toilet facilities and benches.


Other fishing spots in the area

On this page about coastal fishing in Kystlandet, you can find inspiration for your next catch along the eastern coast of Jutland.


Looking for the perfect fishing gear?

Effektlageret is the largest provider of fishing equipment in the local area. In addition to a large online shop, Effektlageret has a physical store in Horsens offering a wide selection for all types of fishing.