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Inshore fishing on Endelave

The beautiful holiday island of Endelave is situated in Kattegat, an hour's sail from the ferry port in Snaptun. Endelave boasts excellent fishing waters all around the island, perfect for exploration by anglers on a day trip or over several days with overnight stays.

Great fishing on the rabbits' island

Endelave naturally piques the interest of anglers with its peaceful 25-kilometer coastline, offering excellent, open coastal areas all around. The island's good fishing spots vary in character, from large reefs to beaches with intriguing bottom conditions. Distances on Endelave are manageable—you can choose to bring your car to Endelave and drive to more remote areas or bring/rent a bike at the harbor from Endelave Grill & Café.

The sea trout fishing is best when the fish have moved out of Horsens Fjord, primarily during the summer. The garfish fishing is particularly good in season.


Øverste Ende

Endelave's northernmost tip, Øverste Ende (Upper End), lies at the end of the beautiful and distinctive natural area called Øvre. The reef extending well into the Kattegat has a strong current and excellent chances for catching sea trout and garfish. The best chances for catches come from casting out into the reef, but there are also some fine pools between the sandbanks on both sides of the reef. Down along the east coast off Øvre, there are several good pools.

Fishing here is best in late spring and throughout the summer. Parking is available on the side of the road Øvre, where the road turns eastward.



Endelave's two southeastern tips, Lynger and Lynger Hage, are popular fishing spots with a particularly good chance of catching sea trout. There's a noticeable current in the water and plenty of rocks and seaweed. Precisely the southern and eastern parts of the island offer the best fishing grounds for sea trout. The best period is late spring and throughout the summer.

Between Lynger and Kloben lies the beach Søndermølle on the south side of the island. Here, the bottom is very intriguing with large rocks, pools, and alternating sandy and dark spots of seaweed/rocks. Sea trout fishing is also good here, especially from the small reef.



Kloben, Endelave's westernmost point, is a reef with a strong current where predatory fish often pass by. Fishing is possible on both sides of the reef, and you might need to try various approaches to see what works. There are excellent opportunities for catching garfish here during the season.


Other fishing spots in the area

There are many other wonderful and productive fishing spots on the mainland along the Jutlandic east coast and on the islands in the East Jutland Archipelago. Explore this guide on coastal fishing in Kystlandet to find inspiration for your next catch and choice of fishing spot along the Jutlandic east coast.


About Endelave

The island of wild rabbits, Endelave, offers dining options, accommodation, shopping, activities, and untamed nature. On this page, you can find inspiration for your stay on the island.