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Inshore fishing - Guldborg Bridge

Fishing for herring and cod in late autumn, especially in the 7-8 m deep navigation channel. Just north of the bridge there are excellent opportunities in summertime for coarse fishing eels and flatfish with bottom line rigs baited with worms or shrimp.

Rainbow trout, eels, flatfish, herring, garfish and cod as well as the occasional sea trout.

Fishing area:
A very popular and child friendly location. On the Falster-side of the bridge you can fish from the pier on the south side of the bridge. On the Lolland-side you fish from the small sandy beach north of the bridge. Just 500 m north of the bridge on the Lolland side there is a spot where sea trout come to the shore, morning and evening, in the spring and autumn.

An evening / night fishing focused on eel with bottom line rigs and earthworms around the bridge is often very rewarding. Angling for herring is best with a southbound current at twilight. Waders are necessary when fishing north of the bridge, but beware of the navigation channel.

Weather conditions:
Wind along the length of the strait is very unfavorable for fishing. Strong winds can also result in a lot of drifting eelgrass.