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Inshore Fishing at Gyllingnæs

The prominent and surprisingly large peninsula of Gyllingnæs frames the Horsens Fjord from the north. The peninsula offers several excellent fishing spots that are not particularly well-visited, as some of them require a hike. However, the beautiful hike is worth the effort.

Fishing at Kalsenakke

Kalsenakke is the name of the reef that constitutes the southernmost point of Gyllingnæs. This place is an excellent fishing spot as it allows you to get close to some of the migratory fish heading into Horsens Fjord. The opportunities for catching especially sea trout and garfish are particularly good here during the season, yet the place isn't as frequented as the fishing waters truly deserve. This might be due to the fact that you need to walk four kilometers along the coast from the parking lot. It would be convenient if there were a parking area at Kalsenakke, but this isn't the case on the privately owned land. Instead, parking is available at the ford near Lerdrup Beach (from Lindenæsvej, a gravel road leads south to a small parking lot). Nonetheless, this place is worth a visit with or without a fishing rod. Learn more about the trip to the tip on this page.


Fishing at Gyllingnæs Manor

Gyllingnæs is home to a manor and estate bearing the same name as the peninsula. If you find the trip to Kalsenakke a bit too long, you can opt for this spot instead, which is only 1.5 kilometers from the aforementioned parking area.

This exciting spot lies just below the estate. Fishing takes place on a series of gravel banks that extend about 100 meters into the water. The fishing is best in spring, but the spot can be fished all year round with good results. It's notably better at high tide, yet it's easiest to navigate during low tide when the tops of the banks are visible above the water. There's excellent sea trout fishing at the small reefs here, and generally, the entire stretch from here to Kalsenakke is fishable. Hornfish and escaped rainbow trouts can also be caught.

Please refrain from entering the estate's private grounds and respect the privacy of the area.


Fishing at Horskær

Approximately 5 kilometers north of Kalsenakke on the east side of Gyllingnæs lies this spot, which offers quite good fishing opportunities. It's important to emphasize that it is prohibited to fish here from March 1st to August 1st as it is a bird breeding area, but there is good fishing available through the fall.

Fishing takes place to the right of the gravel road at the end of Lilienborgvej and out towards the reef. The mullet can be found in the bay between the reef and Gyllingnæs, especially around the island. The entire area is very shallow, necessitating wading. Eels and plaice can be caught in an east wind. The garfish season falls within the protected period; however, sea trout can be caught through the fall.

Parking is available in the roadside verge where the asphalt road meets the gravel road on Lilienborgvej. Parking at the end of the gravel road is not allowed.


Other fishing spots in the area

On this page about coastal fishing in Kystlandet, you can find inspiration for your next catch and choose a fishing spot along the Jutland east coast.


Looking for the perfect fishing gear?

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