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Inshore fishing on Hjarnø

The island Hjarnø in Horsens Fjord is a safe bet if you are looking for a fishing spot with good chances of catching sea trout during the summer half year. The island is uniquely well-placed where all the sea trout must pass when swimming in or out of Horsens Fjord.

An angling paradise in Horsens Fjord

The island of Hjarnø is located at the entry to Horsens Fjord, very close to the mainland, and only a 5-minute ferry ride from Snaptun. It is easy to visit the island and get around since the distances are relatively limited. Hjarnø is perfectly placed at the entry of Horsens Fjord, and there is a goo chance of getting a catch all the way around the island in all four seasons.

On the southside of the island you can fish towards the deep channel where there are plenty of fish during the summer period. During winter your chances are better on the north- and east side of the island. Please note that the northern coast is a bird breeding ground and is therefore only available during winter.

Although Hjarnø is particularly well-known for its good sea trout fishing, there are also good chances of catching flounder, and seasonal fish such as grafish, mackerel, eel, and grey mullet.


Fishing at Hjarnø Odde and the Hjarnø Strait

Hjarnø Odde is the southernmost point on Hjarnø – a small headland with a narrow tongue where you have the coast on one side and a small lake on the other. Here you are ideally placed next to the deep channel. Fishing is only from land here since the terrain falls dramatically. A path next to Hjarnø Church leads to the headland. From Hjarnø Odde you can fish eastwrds all the way to the place where the main road on Hjarnø meets the east coast.

NB: A few steps inland from Hjarnø Odde you can find a historic stone ship from the Viking era. These Viking warrior graves are definitely also worth a visit when you are here.

The fishing spot at Hjarnø Strait is found on the other side of the harbour. There are two tongues here on the southwestern coastline that each reach some way into the channel. Here you can fish into the reef with strong current or on low water on a varied sea bed with seaweed and rocks.

You can catch some big whoppers at both these two fishing spots when the sea trout swim into the fjord.


Other fishing spots nearby

Hjarnø’s twin island Alrø as well as the mainland has some great fishing spots. You can find inspiration for fishing spots in the region on this page.


Do you need fishing equipment?

Effektlageret is the biggest retailer of fishing equipment in the local area. In addition to their webshop, Effektlageret also has a store in Horsens with a big selection of equipment for all types of fishing.


Accommodation and experiences on Hjarnø

Are you looking to make the fishing trip a fishing holiday? Or do you just wish to grab a nice meal after fishing? On this page you can find inspiration for experiences, accommodation, and nature experiences on Hjarnø.