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Inshore fishing at Horsens Harbour

Horsens Harbour offers excellent opportunities for port fishing, with great potential for seasonal catches of herring, mackerel, and garfish.

Great fishing spot for harbour fishing

The newly renovated Horsens Harbour is a popular spot for local fishermen. Here, one can fish from a central location and access deep waters without needing waders. Fishing from the harbour requires minimal equipment - anyone can participate. All you need is a fishing rod, a leader, and some bait. In the narrow inner harbour, fish might have difficulty finding their way out once they've entered. Therefore, this spot is perfect for inexperienced anglers.


Where is fishing permitted

Fishing is NOT allowed everywhere in the harboru. Fishing is only permitted on the north side of the harbor area from the innermost Old Harbor and eastward (marked with a green line on the map above) and from the marina's jetties. Be mindful not to fish within the protected zone off the marina. This area lies southeast of the marina's jetties (refer to picture 4 in the gallery). The fine for violations is 2,500 DKK.


What Can be Caught and When?

Herring: Herring signals the arrival of spring in April. They are best caught using herring leaders, available in tackle shops. Please refrain from catching more than needed. There are no protected periods or size restrictions.

Garfish: Garfish arrive in early May to spawn in shallow waters. After spawning, they roam until August before disappearing again. They are caught using small spinners, flies, and pieces of herring baited on small triple hooks cast with a bobber. There are no protected periods or size restrictions.

Mackerel: Mackerel (if they arrive) show up in late July and August. Fishing for them is similar to fishing for garfish. There are no protected periods or size restrictions.

Sea Trout: Sea trout can be caught throughout the year. Note that spawning sea trout (colored fish) are protected in saltwater from November 16 to January 15. Silver sea trout can be caught year-round in saltwater. After spawning, sea trout quickly regain their silver color, but if very thin, they should be released. The minimum size is 40 cm.

Salmon: Similar to sea trout, but the minimum size in saltwater is 60 cm. Salmon have a slender tail root and almost no spots below the lateral line.

Flatfish: Occasionally, flounders can be caught in the harbor. The minimum size is 23 cm, and there are no protected periods. They're caught on hooks baited with lugworms or earthworms.

Eel: There are no protected periods, and the minimum size is 40 cm. Eels are caught using lugworms or earthworms.


Tips, Tricks, and Rules

Familiarize yourself with where ladders are located from the water to the quay before fishing. It's good to know in case you or someone else falls into the water.

Take all trash with you when you leave.

Adhere to minimum sizes and protected periods (see this page for updated information on protected periods and minimum sizes - in Danish).

It's advisable to carry a landing net with a long handle, possibly telescopic, when fishing from harbour structures and piers. If you catch a big fish, you'll often lose it while trying to lift it out of the water.


Other Fishing Spots in the Area

Find inspiration for your next catch on this page about coastal fishing in the Coastal Land.


Need the Right Fishing Gear?

Effektlageret is the local area's largest provider of fishing equipment. In addition to a large webshop, Effektlageret has a physical store in Horsens with a wide selection for all types of fishing.