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Inshore fishing in Juelsminde

Near Juelsminde's popular and bustling marina, there are several interesting and diverse fishing spots. In a holiday town surrounded by coastline, you're never far from your next catch.

Fishing in a genuine fishing town

Juelsminde originated as a small fishing hamlet and later developed into a proper harbour with railways, ferry connections, and tourism. However, fishing remains a part of the town's maritime identity and historical DNA. As an angler, you have the opportunity to secure a good catch in a town surrounded by water on three sides. The proximity to the town's experiences is a great advantage, especially if you are out with a family less inclined toward fishing.


Fishing at The Great Beach

The popular bathing beach, The Great Beach (Storstranden), is bustling with happy bathers during the summer. However, in autumn, winter, and particularly in spring, there are excellent opportunities to catch sea trout along this stretch. The fish are often found in small schools at the boundary between sandy bottoms and seaweed forests. The area is interrupted by several prominent rock formations, creating small pools where shrimps and small fish seek refuge from the currents.

The current is often strong in this area, meaning that sea trout must be sought after. Therefore, the stretch should be fished from start to finish, as the fish follow their prey.

Spin fishermen have a clear advantage during the summer months when sea trout often stay in deeper waters during the daytime. However, if fishing during this period, it's advisable to move away from the bathers at Storstranden.

During the season, there are also plenty of garfish, and at times, mackerel come close to the shore here.

There is a large, free parking lot at the beach.


Fishing at Juelsminde Harbour

Juelsminde Harbour is an excellent choice if you want to fish in deep waters without the need for waders, while still being close to the vibrant summer life of the harbour. There are opportunities to catch many different fish species here. In summer and autumn, there's good fishing for mackerel, sea trout, and flatfish, while herring passes by in both spring and autumn. Additionally, there's a good chance of catching cod as by-catch.

There are plenty of free parking spaces around the harbour and down to the Great Beach.


Fishing at Sandbjerg Vig

The beautiful and distinctive bay, Sandbjerg Vig (also known as "Bugten" or "the bay" by the locals), offers excellent fishing waters close to the town and harbour. Sandbjerg Vig Beach has its own parking lot right down to the water. Just to the right is a stream. On the left side of the stream, fishing can be done over the sandy bottom for bullheads and sandeels. Be aware of bathers during the summer period. However, it's the stretch to the right of the stream that is most recommended.

The area to the right of the stream, the 400-meter stretch toward the marina, is popular fishing water for the locals. It's particularly good sea trout water in the summer because several large mussel banks are present in this stretch. The spot has very deep water close to the shore, and food sources like shrimps, herring, and sandeels are often well represented here.

The spot is worth visiting year-round, but during the summer, sea trout come close to the shore in the early morning and at dusk/night.

You can fish either by wading or directly from the shore. The stretch fishes well in both high and low tide.

In the summer, mackerel can also be found in this stretch. In the winter, coastal cod can be found further toward the harbour. However, spin fishermen have the best chances here.


Coastal fishing at Bjørnsknude

Juelsminde's most popular fishing spot is found at the prominent reef, Bjørnsknude, which extends far out into the Kattegat. This spot has its own dedicated section. You can learn more about fishing at Bjørnsknude on that page.


Several fishing spots in the area

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