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Jægerspris Castle

Jægerspris Castle, beautifully situated in Jægerspris, is a historical treasure with a magnificent backdrop. Its history dates back to the 13th century and it has played a significant role in Danish history. The castle's impressive architecture and surrounding natural beauty make it a remarkable place to explore. From royal connections to beautiful gardens and exciting exhibitions, Jægerspris Castle offers a unique experience for visitors looking to delve into Denmark's rich cultural heritage.

Explore one of Denmark's oldest castles with furnishings from the time of Frederik VII and Countess Danner.

Jægerspris Castle is a three-winged complex, the oldest part of which, the north wing, dates from the Middle Ages. For 600 years the castle was a hunting and summer residence for the Danish kings - from Valdemar the Victorious to Frederik VII. In 1854 the castle became the private residence of Frederik VII and Countess Danner.

In the museum you can see the rooms decorated by the fashionable and style-conscious Countess Danner, which have remained unchanged for over a hundred years. The castle is the only place in Denmark where you can experience the interior design of the 1850s in its entirety.

There are several memorials and burial mounds in the beautiful castle park, which is bordered by large woods with excellent walking trails.