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Jættestuen Møllehøj

In the Stone Age, people began to cultivate the earth, the flint tools got a better machining, and new tombs came to the country. Møllehøj chambered barrow is large and well-preserved, and is located a little southeast of Lille Rørbæk, just off the municipal border. It is from approx. 3500 BC and has been there for over 5,000 years. If you are curious, you can bring a flashlight and visit Møllehøj. The chambered barrow was excavated already in 1707. The entrance is long and low, but in the inner space it is high enough that most people can stand upright. The living room is 1.9 meters high, 6.7 meters long and 2.9 meters wide. The chamber can accommodate a few adults. Among other things, there were found three axes, seven daggers and more earthen jars.