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Juelsminde Harbour and Marina

The Juelsminde Marina is among the best and most atmospheric in Denmark. As soon as the sum is out, the harbour is buzzing with life and cosiness. Lovely eateries with outdoor seating and exciting events help create the unique setting that everyone should experience.

Juelsminde harbour is very special

When the weather is nice, people flock to Juelsminde harbour. Sailors and campers meet here as well as motorcyclists, young families, couples on outings and holidaying tourists. No matter who you are and where you are from, you are guaranteed to have a good experience at the harbour. There are many good reasons for that – here are ten.


1: The lovely eateries

On a sunny day, what is better than sitting on a dock eating fresh fish or the delicious open fish sandwich known as a “shooting star”? The Juelsminde harbour has several popular eateries with outdoor seating where you can enjoy fish cakes while enjoying the views of the many sailboats and the gentle breeze.


2: Popular with children

Near the harbour is a fine playground where children can let loose while their parents enjoy some good food. For one thing, there is a jetty for crab fishing. Let the children catch their own crabs and see which crab wins the crab race. The whole family can also compete in a game of crazy gold – who wins the right to boast on the car journey home? Oh! And the town has an amazing Nature Playground which is ideal for both children and childish grownups.


3: One of the best beaches of East Jutland

If the sandbox at the playground feels a little restrictive, there is an alternative. Immediately adjacent to the harbour you find the beautiful beach Storstranden. This beach is a Blue Flag beach and has good facilities. It has fine, white sand, shallow, calm water and a bathing jetty. It is the perfect beach for young families. 


4: Excellent facilities for sailors

With more than 10,000 visiting sailors each summer, the marina is one of the country’s most popular marinas. With that many visitors, facilities must be top-notch. Have a look at the nice amenities on this page. Sailors and other visitors to the harbour are free to use the many new benches and tables with barbecues.


5: Discover exciting stories

The famous Danish frigate Fregatten Jylland used to be based in Juelsminde. In fact, you can still see the frigate’s anchor on the dock. And the recipe for the famous fish cakes from the fish shop actually comes from the old ship cook of the Frigate.

The Juelsminde harbour area is home to lots of exciting stories and tales, as you will automatically discover when you visit. And you can learn even more at the Juelsminde Harbour Museum.


6: You can have a REALLY nice ice cream

Every summer destination must have its own ice-cream kiosk. And the harbour lets you choose the delicious ice cream to suit your taste. Whether you prefer Italian ice cream, classic Danish ice cream or a whippy finished with chocolate sauce and coconut sprinkle, you can find it here.


7: There is always something going on

Throughout the summer period, the harbour is full of life and activity. During the summer, there are many events and festivals. By way of example, there is the Juelsminde Harbour Festival in week 28 which includes a hucksters’ market, parties, fairground and large concerts.


8: Urban living

There are a several exciting shops at the harbour and only 100 metres away, you wind the town’s pedestrian street where you can shop for fashion, beach gear, home décor or unique crafts. Juelsminde has a nice and varied selection of shops.


9: Spend the night on the shore

You can spend the night at the harbour, even if you do not have your own boat. At the harbour, you find a well-maintained camping site with cabins and a hostel. Right on the dock there is a site for motorhomes where you can sleep to the sound of the gentle waves in the harbour. And within walking distance of the harbour, you find Hotel Juelsminde Strand and a selection of private overnight accommodation.


10: It is always beautiful and nice

Juelsminde is a beautiful and idyllic town – and its harbour is no exception. It is generally well-maintained and kept clean and tidy for its many visitors. Juelsminde is surrounded by water on several sides, so there is a very special light that helps create a pleasant atmosphere. And the friendly and smiling locals and service staff only help to enhance the experience.