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Juelsminde Harbour Museum (Havnemuseum)

Experience the history of the development of the maritime harbour town of Juelsminde from a small fishing village to a ferry town to having one of Denmark’s most popular and atmospheric marinas today. Combine you visit to the town with an educational and entertaining museum visit.

Explore the exiting local history

Juelsminde is not an old town with a history stretching back many hundreds of years. Nevertheless, the history of the town is very interesting. Based on its advantageous local on the cast, the town was formed around the harbour which has been the heart of the town since its early beginnings.

You find the harbour museum, Juelsminde Havnemuseum, in the middle of the vibrant marina in the old harbour smithy. The inviting museum exhibition tells the history of the harbour and its various professions and activities throughout the times. Using maritime remedies and digital as well as physical communication, you can learn more about the harbour you are visiting.


Go on a virtual boat trip in Juelsminde

A recent addition to the museum exhibition is the realistic boat simulator. Jump into the installed wheelhouse with its virtual boat environment and test your maritime skills under vastly different conditions. Sailing in windy weather or a storm, harbour manoeuvres with a pilot boat, or try your hand at a larger boat such as a ferry or a container ship. But be careful. If your sea legs are not quite as strong as you think, you may get a little seasick when you are at the helm and there is a gale coming in from the southwest.


By train or ferry to Juelsminde

Today, you have to go by car or by bus if you are going to Juelsminde. In the past, however, it was possible to go there by train or ferry. When the Horsens-Juelsminde railway reached town, the development of Juelsminde started. At the harbour museum, you can see a miniature model of the last section of the railway which was abandoned in 1957. The model provides an accurate idea of the appearance of the harbour area when the railway was still in use.

Juelsminde has also had proud traditions as a ferry port and has previously had departures to both Kalundborg in Zealand and Bogense in Funen. At the museum, you can learn more about the ferries and their significance for the town.


Party at the smoking area

Juelsminde Harbour Museum regularly hosts the charming and popular smoking days with smoked mackerel, beer and music at the old smoking area next to the museum which always attracts many locals as well as tourists. The harbour museum website lets you gain an overview of upcoming events.


Opening hours and prices

You can always find the current opening hours and prices at the harbour museum website. A visit to the museum and gaining a unique insight into everything from the time when the frigate Fregatten Jylland was moored in Juelsminde to the maritime jobs that have characterised the town through the times is quite reasonably priced.