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Jungshoved Kirkehavn

Jungshoved Kirkehavn consists of a southern and northern harbor 100 meters apart.

The harbor is located in beautiful surroundings by Stege bay and Bøgestrøm. The harbor is today a small private association for residents of Jungshoved or connected to the area. It is not a port that is easy to get to by water. Therefore, it is also encouraged that you access the port by car or bicycle if you want to go for a walk in the area.

The harbor is located under Jungshoved Castle Bank, where Jungshoved Castle was built, and where Gøngehøvdingen was housed during the Swedish Wars. The castle no longer exists, but it is still a really nice place to go for a walk, enjoy nature and a packed lunch.

There is a toilet by the thatched grave house right next to Jungshoved Church.