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Kær Vestermark Shelter & Tentsite

5 shelters, each capable of accommodating 4-5 people, and space for setting up 4-5 tents.

Visit the five unique shelter in Sønderborg, build in connection of the scout camp ”Spejdernes Lejr 2017”

The five shelter, each with space for 4-5 persons, shares two fireplaces. In addition, there is space for 4 -5 tents.

The shelters are situated approx. 20 metres from the coast and reachable from the waterside – notice a red sign on the beach with the text “Overnatning”.

Toilet and drinking water is found at the landmark for Kær Vestermark – ”Støvlen” or Shoe size 3600 is situated approx. 300 metres to the east, here is also parking opportunity.

Price per shelter per night: DKK 75 - booking on www.booksonderjylland.dk

Owner: Sønderborg Municipality.