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The Kalundborg Museum

In the historic old town of Kalundborg, the medieval city centre, paved with cobblestones and opposite the five-towered church, lies the great six-winged estate Lindegården from the 16th century. Lindegården is built on the remains of Valdemar IV Atterdag’s medieval city wall, and houses Kalundborg Museum.

The museum is a cultural history museum which shows the development of Kalundborg from ancient times, with exhibitions on the Viking Age, Medieval history, the Crusades, maritime history, provincial and market town life, and traditional folk costumes.

You can get to see the impressive 7.2 metres long Kalundborg Knights Templar Tapestry, which is the woven history of Kalundborg. In 12 scenes, the tapestry tells the story of Kalundborg's founder, Esbern Snare; archbishop Absalon; and the kings Valdemar the Greats’, Canute VI’s, and Valdemar II's crusades to Kalundborg and the surrounding area by the Baltic Sea in the 10th and 11th century. The tapestry is made by weavers in West Zealand

The museum’s culture-botanical garden offers gardening enthusiasts 37 different plants of medieval origin, ranging from medicinal plants, poisonous plants, and plants used as dyes. The garden is the only authentic culture-botanical garden in Denmark.

Kalundborg Museum offers school services to school classes.