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Kettrup Kirke

The nave and the choir of the church at Kettrup have been built in granite ashlar in the 11th century, whereas the tower and the porch have been added in the late Middle Age.

The altarpiece is very interesting. It dates back to 1612, and in the middle, as the main decoration, it has an old altarpiece with alabaster reliefs. The beautiful altarpiece has been built in Holland in 1561, and it has probably been used for private matters at the nearby Manor Aagaard. In 1573 the owner of Aagaard donated a pulpit with his and his wife’s coast of arms. In 1594 he changed one of them, as he had got a new wife.

It is also worth noticing that both outside and inside you can clearly see the old south-facing entrance to the church.

The church has today an organ with 12 stops and two manuals plus foot pedal. Furthermore, the church has a beautiful altar cover and a violet chasuble weaved by the artist, Berit Hjelholdt, as well as a very beautiful white felted chasuble, made by the felt artist, Lene Gabel Nielsen. The ringing now takes place in the church room, so the two bells can be operated from there - the old bell has a small crack, and for that reason in 1990 it was complemented with a new one to relieve the old one at the daily ringing - now the old bell only rings at festivals and on special occasions.