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Kimmerslev Lake - Køge

Welcome to the northwestern part of Kimmerslev Sø, exclusively for bathers. Enjoy a stretch of sandy beach along the lakeshore, where as a bather, you're surrounded by fantastic nature with birds, fish, and plants. Beach numbers are located at the rescue post at the bathing area (J003) and at the boat launch area (J004).

The northwestern part of Kimmerslev Lake is reserved for bathing visitors. An area on the shore is covered with beach sand. Visiting here as a bather, you will be surrounded by wonderful scenery – including birds, fish and plants.

Beach numbers
On Kimmerslev Lake, beach numbers have been put up in two places. On the lifeguard post on the beach J003 and in the dinghy place J004.

If in need of a rescue vehicle for the lake, be sure to mention the beach number closest to your position, which will enable the control centre to locate you.