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The forest south of Mindeparken (the Memorial Park) and Marselisborg Slot, the queens summer residence, is known as Kirkeskoven. Here you will find a beautiful oak and beech forest.

Kirkeskoven is perfect for a day in the nature with outdoor activities for the entire family. The forest is often used for walking, running and on bike. The beautiful nature makes the forest perfect for a horse ride and for roleplay. 

Experience plants from the whole world

Next to Kirkeskoven you'll find Forstbotanisk Have, which is a big garden filled with 900 different trees, bushes and plants from the entire world. Forstbotanisk Have is also pretty in the winter monts, where the bushes and other plants is covered in frost and snow. 

It is not alloud to pick and collect plants from the garden. 

Beautiful animals

Kirkeskoven has lots of animals. You can experience birds, squirrels, deers and owls. The garden has also some ponds where you can see ducks, herons and much more. 


You can park your car at Skovridervej at the old Skovriderbolig. 

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