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Kirppu second hand

Come and experience Denmark's largest flea market in Hillerød. On the market, you can sell goods from your stand in a new and sustainable way.

Denmark's first and largest flea supermarket

Kirppu is a paradise for those who love to go to flea markets and buy used goods reasonably. You can walk around our sizeable indoor flea supermarket all year round in peace. We have over 200 stands full of reasonable offers for the whole family.

How does it work?

In Kirppu, the mindset is to make it easier for individuals to participate in the circular economy. That is why they have also made it as easy as possible to earn money from your used items and cases in Kirppu. Overall, it can be done in 3 steps:

  1. Book your stand in the store
  2. Fill in your price tags on 'Mit Kirppu,' in the app 'Mit Kirppu - Katjiing' or by hand on retro titles from the store.
  3. Put the price tags on your goods and place them on your stand.

Practical information:

We are looking forward to seeing you.