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Kitesurfing on Laesoe - kitespot Bovet

The flag, the reef or the Rønner reef - dear child has many names, but the shallow area between Vesterø Harbor and the reef that goes out to Nordre Rønner is a favorite place for Læsø's kitesurfers.

Flaget on Læsø - top kite spot

Located just east of Vesterø Harbor and can be used in wind direction from SW to Ø, but N and NE are preferred. The spot is very beginner friendly with its large area of ​​flat water and a water depth of 20-100 cm.

The flag is the largest and most used spot on Læsø by the local surfers. The spot is located just east of Vesterø harbor and can be used in almost all wind directions and by all surfers. The spot is very beginner friendly. The flag itself is a long reef which goes about 5 km into the water to the island Ndr. Rønner,

The flat water starts about 3 km before the reef in a westerly direction, which means that there is very flat water and incredibly stable wind.

There are some rocks which fortunately can be easily spotted and are not really where we surf, water depths are about 75 - 100 cm. The conditions for launch and landing are a bit different depending on where you want to start but ok most places.