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Klimaruten (the Climate Trail) in Middelfart

– Denmark’s most scenic climate adaptation measures – a 3 km walk through the old part of town.

KlimaByen (the Climate City) in Middelfart is one of Denmark’s biggest climate adaptation projects. Middelfart is home to the most scenic climate adaptation measures in Denmark, with a system that allows normal rainfall to soak underground, while draining downpours and extreme rainfall on the surface. The aim is to reduce the workload on underground drainage pipes while developing a town that is nicer to look at, a more fun place to be and more vibrant than ever before.

One of the main challenges that our society will have to face in the future will be our ability to adapt our towns to a climate in which more extreme quantities of precipitation is a recurring feature. KlimaByen (the Climate City) is one example of how we can develop new and innovative climate adaptation measures.

The various climate adaptation measures are customised to each district, with rainwater becoming a visible element of the urban environment. Integrating our climate adaptation measures into our urban development allows us to create a vibrant town that is greener, healthier and more fun to live in, while being both climate-resistant and ready for the climate change the future has in store.

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