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Klosterheden Plantage

Klosterheden Plantage between Lemvig, Holstebro and Struer is Denmark's 3rd largest forest area.

The forest abounds with life ranging from the majestic crowned animals, to beavers and rare plants in the forest floor.

The Klosterheden has one of Denmark's largest populations of the beautiful crowned animals, which can best be experienced at sunrise and sunset. In September and October the males come into heat and you can hear the characteristic roars. From the top of Fladhøj you can often see red deer on the plantation's large heathland.

North of Ællebæksøerne and the large heathland of the plantation you will find a bird tower. You can park at Gl. Country road and follow the walking route directly to the tower. Read more about birds and animals in Klosterheden.

Hiking trails

The plantation has no less than 17 hiking trails, where you can experience how nature changes character from season to season and between the different habitat types. The hiking trails alternate between roads and forest tracks narrow footpaths through stands, heaths and meadows. Robust footwear is therefore a good idea. The hiking trails are marked with green, red, yellow, white and blue poles.

Equestrian routes

Also for guests on horseback, Klosterheden Plantage offers beautiful tours, where you experience all facets of the unique nature from heath over lake to forest. On the riding routes, there are rest areas with a small fold or tie beam, watering for your horse and table / bench set in several places. It is free to use the facilities, but leave them at least in the same condition as you found them. It is not allowed to ride on marked hiking trails. It's about. 65 km. riding routes marked with yellow horseshoes.

Join Mølgaard Ridecenter in Fabjerg near Lemvig on guided rides in Klosterheden Plantage.


Should there be more speed across the field, Denmark's longest mountain bike route winds its way through Klosterheden Plantage. 50 km, where half is single track. If you drive the entire route, you climb 225 meters - and have the opportunity to see lots of red deer. MTB has several starting and stopping points. Along the way you will find toilets and water posts.

BikePoint offers Klosterhede-Safari and Family Tours with a guide in Klosterheden. 

The mountain bike route is one of the 10 Spir - the "cream" of the more than 40 MTB routes the Danish Nature Agency has in the Danish state forests. The route in Klosterheden Plantage is blue and red, and it takes between 2.5 and 4 hours to drive through. The mountain bike route is marked in purple. Read more about the mountain bike route in Klosterheden.


If you want to go fishing with the line, it is also possible to fish in Klosterheden Plantage - but the fishing opportunities are not the best. Youngsters under the age of 18 can fish in Møllesøen on the south side and by the dam.

You do not need a fishing license at Dolmosen on the west side of Ringkøbingvej approx. five kilometers south of Lemvig. By the lake you will find a campfire site and an area that allows wheelchair users to fish in the lake.

At Moselyst Lake you also have the opportunity to fish without a fishing license. Moselyst Lejrplads is located barely 1 km southeast of Risbæk (Vilhelmsborgvej 172).

When angling in the Danish Nature Agency's fresh waters, you may only use the typical angling methods and gear for fly, spinning, pike and co-fishing with one to two rods per angler. 


Go on a treasure hunt! The monastery is not just a treasure trove for nature lovers, but also stores so-called geocaches, ie "treasures" in the hobby Geocaching, which is about using a GPS receiver or smartphone to find geocachers - a small box with everything from keychains for newspaper articles. Once you have found the cache, you take one of the things with you. And leaves a new treasure for the next treasure hunter.

In the geocache you will find a logbook where you note that you have found the treasure. When you get home, log on to Geocaching.com that you have found the cache. 

Forest playgrounds

Let the kids loose on the plantation's forest playgrounds. In the western part you will find a playground on Staldhøjevej close to Ringkøbingvej. The playground is close to a disabled-friendly toilet and shelter. In the eastern part called Hornet, the forest playground on Resenvej is a stone's throw from the dog forest and shelter area.

Accommodation in the open air

If you want an overnight stay in the open air, you will find both campsites and primitive accommodation in Klosterheden. Remember to reserve the campsites via the Danish Nature Agency's webbooking.

The primitive campsites may be used without prior reservation. The campsites are located i.a. at Vilhelmsborgvej and at Ørsvej. There is no free accommodation in Klosterheden Plantage. You must use the established accommodation. 

Dog forests

In the two dog forests you have to let your dog go free - as long as you have it under control. You will find one dog forest on Resenvej in "Hornet".

The other dog forest is located on Gl. Road by Møllesøen. At the dog forest there are handicap friendly tables and benches. For the sake of the game and other guests, keep your dog on a leash in the rest of Klosterheden.