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Knebel Church

Knebel Kirke has an incredible of Knebel Vig. Since, approximately, 1175 has Knebel Kirke stood on top of its hill facing Knebel Vig, which was once covered in more water than it is today, and it functioned as a point of orientation for the seafarer and as a nave for the residents.


From the church, you see how Knebel Vig opens up towards Kalø Vig and Mols Bjerge.

The church was in the Late Middle Ages expanded in both ends of the nave with, among others, a choir and apsis. The church porch was also added later on, likely in 1550, as is indicated by the year written on the gable. The latest addition is the small ridge turret as the bell tower, which was added around the year 1738.

Knebel Kirke is now most famous for its altarpiece by Bjørn Nørgaard from 1999, which tells and interprets Jesus' death and resurrection as Christ floating in a golden cloud from the cross.