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Knuthenborg Safari Camp

Wake up on the savannah with a view of wild animals at first light. Knuthenborg Safari Camp offers unforgettable experiences.

Luxury safari tents in the middle of the savannah
Stay in luxury safari tents among the animals of the savannah, just like on a real safari. Awaken to the roar of tigers and the calls of monkeys, and enjoy the expansive view of animals grazing, drinking water or simply taking a morning stroll on the savannah.

This is real safari, but with the comforts of a kitchen and bathroom, as well as a large veranda at eye level with the animals. And if you prefer spending time with the animals and enjoying the other fun experiences in Knuthenborg Safaripark to cooking, homemade and sustainable food can be ordered for breakfast and dinner.

A wild experience
At Knuthenborg Safaripark you can experience more than 1,000 different animals on the savannah, see the giants of the past in the Dinosaur Forest and have fun in the Limpopoland amusement park. There are experiences for all ages and timeframes.