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Kolind From Lake to Farmland

Kolind – the sound’s capital

Kolind is a small market town with pedestrian street environment which is rich in shops. The fertile landscape of Kolindsund is intersected by watercourses and canal systems, which provide good opportunities for angling. For a fishing licence and further information please contact the book shop Kolind Boghandel.

In the summer a visit to the swimming pool is tempting. The Clover routes show the way to the past, the present and the natural surroundings around Kolind. At Kolind Engsø, you may be in luck and see the starlings in murmurations or Black Sun-formations.

Close to Kolind, you will find Skandinavisk Dyrepark, which is Denmark’s most natural animal park with plenty of space for the
animals. The wildlife park has brown bears, polar bears, wolves and the impressive Steller’s Sea Eagles.