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Is Kompagniet

Welcome to a world filled with ice cream in the middle of Løkken. Here you will find a large range of flavors and textures made fresh every day.

Look forward to a taste experience filled with taste, quality, and local ingredients. Here, the ice cream is made in an old Italian ice cream making tradition with 30% air, which makes the ice cream creamier and fuller. Just like we know the real Italian gelato!

From Danish soft ice to Italian gelato

Michael Lønstrup has been serving homemade, fresh gourmet ice cream since 2014. At Iskompaniget, the ice cream is based on simple ingredients from the local area, such as the milk, which is delivered by Vrejlev Monastery’s own dairy cows just 20 minutes from Løkken. The non-homogenized milk contributes to the ice cream's creaminess and airy texture, just like the Italian ice cream, gelato. Here you also get a quite traditional soft ice cream made with cream supplied by the local diary, Ingstrup Dairy. This cream is 40% high quality cream and is without additives. When the soft ice has, you must choose the crumble, and here Is Kompagniet has a selection that has never been seen before!

Sorbets in all the colors of the rainbow

In addition to the milk ice cream, you also have many sorbets to choose from. The Is Kompagnie strives to always create new flavors and with organic fruit from nearby farms and greengrocers. Therefore, you can never quite count on which flavors Is Kompagnie will offer on the day. Enjoy a creamy and low-fat sorbet of fresh fruit and water with a clear conscience. The sorbets are also without additives and only have real colors from nature. Milk intolerants and vegans do not necessarily have to settle for the sorbet, as Is Kompagnie also makes lactose-free and plant-based ice cream on soy and oat milk, which has the same rich consistency as milk ice cream.

A cozy ice cream café

In addition to the ice cream counter, you can step inside the café and enjoy the ice cream. Should it be something other than ice cream, Is Kompagnie also has a selection of organic tea, coffee, cream buns, and other sweet delicacies that can either be enjoyed on the spot or taken home to the beach house.