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The brewery was founded in September 2013 by Martin Lynge Nicolaisen and Niels Kiens as idea makers and Steffen Mortensen as an investor.The company is today owned by Frank Hansen, Ole Pilemand.During the last 5 years where Kongebryg ApS has existed, there has been a focus on producing hand-brewed beer of such a high quality that you could compete with all other breweries in Denmark.The brewery's mission is to enrich Danish culture with well-brewed and tasty beer in a very special class.We show that we Danes, among other things, are able to brew tasty drops that can compete with the best breweries in the whole world.Kongebryg's Konge Øl is brewed with pride, humor and thoughts about Denmark's historical and heroic foundation, which have all contributed to the creation of the beer culture we have today.Kongebryg always tries to use good sustainable raw materials and always puts good quality over quantity in production.