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Kræmmergård - Farm Shop

At Kræmmergård, you'll encounter the cozy farmhouse atmosphere when you purchase the most delicious pick-your-own strawberries, potatoes, and peas - it's filled with Danish summer vibes!

At the farm shop at Kræmmergård, you can buy both fresh fruit and vegetables. The farm shop is known for its pick-your-own strawberries. You can also enjoy a homemade soft-serve ice cream with the farm's own strawberries.

Remember to bring your own containers to collect your strawberries.

In the farm shop, you'll also find apples, peas, potatoes, apple juice, jam, syrup, honey, and rapeseed oil - depending on the time of year.

Kræmmergård in Bækmarksbro, West Jutland, is a farm/greenhouse where the goal is to produce fresh products with the shortest possible distance to the consumer. Local restaurants and eateries in the area often feature Kræmmergård's products on their shelves or menus. Additionally, a large part of the production is sold directly in the farm shop.

Opening Hours:

During the strawberry and apple seasons, there are fixed opening hours. For the rest of the year, there is self-service available.

Please check the activity overview and current opening hours at www.kræmmergård.dk