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Krogs Fiskerestaurant

Welcome to one of Copenhagen’s oldest and most beautiful restaurants.

 In 1910 Christian Krog(h) saw a unique opportunity and opened a fish restaurant on Gammel Strand; right where the fish wives were selling the fresh fish of the day. He hired the best artists and architects in town and created the most beautiful surroundings for the great dining experience. A lot has sinced passed at the quay side and with different people at the helm Krogs have also changed; from the people's fish eatery to a period as fancy restaurant for the richest – and royal – class. And many anecdotes have through the years clung to the famous restaurant.

We are proud to carry on the tradition from Christian Krog(h), because we recognize how rare and important a place such as Krogs is … A living metropolis must develop, and Copenhagen indeed is with new neighbourhoods, the Metro and green initiatives. But a city also needs a basis like Krogs to keep its identity and charm. It is our goal to preserve and strengthen Krogs as such a land mark in the heart of Copenhagen.

 We are looking forward to welcoming everyone with an appetite for some of the best fresh fish in town – served in unique surroundings.