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Kulhuse Shelter

Kulhuse Shelter

A shelter for 6 people, beautifully situated on the northern tip of Hornsherred, on a closed site fenced in by old scrub. The site is at the end of a former steep slope, and it's only 150 metres down a path to the north coast, with Isefjord to the west and Roskilde Fjord to the east.

The shelter is free to use on a first-come, first-served basis, but priority is given to bookings. Book via Friluftsguiden

Parking at Kulhuse harbour, 100 metres from the cabin along a path.

Ferry: 500 m from the shelter is the ferry line Kulhuse - Sølager, which in the summer connects Hornsherred and North Zealand in an 8-minute crossing - cars and bicycles are allowed.

- Fjordstien Regional Route 40 for pedestrians and cyclists: Passes right by.

- Canoe & kayak: Good landing possibilities at Kulhuse harbour, 200 m along the path from the cabin.
- Sailboat: Kulhuse Harbour has a limited number of guest berths and is part of the Frihavnsordningen (free harbour system).
- Swimming: Fine sandy beach at several places around the harbour. And 300 metres to Kulhuse Beach in the Isefjord, Fjordland's best Blue Flag beach.
- Fishing: Good fishing along and from the east pier in Kulhuse harbour, including flatfish.