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Kulturringen Gylling-Torrild

You won’t experience more Danish atmosphere than on this waymarked bicycle route in the eastern part of Jutland. You will experience villages with half-timbered houses, island atmosphere, manors, open nature, and wavy field landscape on this ride from Horsens Fjord towards the Danish Lakelands.

Bring the bicycle to the countryside

The area south and west of Odder is characterised by proud agricultural traditions. Scattered around the fertile soil, big manors and cosy villages have emerged and created the peaceful idyll that characterises the area.

This 41-kilometre-long bicycle route starts in the village of Gylling south of Odder. From here, you pass through beautiful nature with salt meadows heading to Horsens Fjord, where you cross the dam to the island of Alrø where time is standing still.

After heading around the island, the route heads north, west of Odder to your destination, the village of Torrild.


Experiences along the route and detours

In Gylling, you ought to see the village’s beautiful old mill before getting on your bicycle. Before you get to the island of Alrø, the nature will impress you at Lerdrup Bay and Amstrup Meadows. In Amstrup you can visit the farmshop Brandbygegaard, where the owners have their own vinery.

Alrø is famous for its eateries. Try the nationally famed giant patty shells at Café Alrø, enjoy a burger at the bison farm or eat in a genuine pig house at Møllegården.

At the tip of the island, you can see the little bicycle ferry that sails between Alrø and Hjarnø.

Heading back to Amstrup, you might want to get off your bike and go for a walk in the beautiful nature area of Sondrup/Uldrup Hills. Further north you will pass the village of Falling and the manor Åkjær which is one of the biggest manors in Denmark.

Further north you will encounter a changing landscape of fields and smaller forests. At Præsthøjvej you can go for a three-kilometre-walk in Tornsbjergskoven Forest if you wish.

Just before you reach the destination, Torrild Church, you will pass the experience park the Fairytale Forest where you can meet trolls and witches and let the children play at the nature playground.

You can follow Kulturringen Gylling-Torrild and other routes in the area on this digital map.


Kulturringen – Culture by bike

This route is stage 4 of the more than 500-kilometre-long Kulturringen – a round trip in Eastern Jutland. Kulturringen passes through seven municipalities and is divided into more than twenty different stages. The varying stages offers big cities, small villages, ocean, islands, lakes, forests and fields. Along the way, you will pass attractions of cultural and culture-historical significance such as museums, churches, castles, and mounds which ensures that you will experience more than just the beautiful scenery along the highway.

In Gylling you can follow Kulturringen to the north towards Hou, Odder and Aarhus. In the other end of stage 4, in Torrild, you can continue towards Skanderborg and the Lakelands. On the island of Alrø you can get on the little bicycle ferry that will take you to the neighbor island Hjarnø. From here you can continue on the south side of Horsens Fjord.