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Kylling & Co Ringkøbing

Welcome to Chicken & Co - A world of taste! It's not just something we say. Kylling & Co offers a healthier alternative to the more traditional fast food. This is because Kylling & Co in Ringkøbing believes that you can make fast food without compromising on either the good taste or good quality. Therefore, you will find a wide selection of salads, sandwiches, bagels, burgers and juicy meat from Danish chicken in Kylling & Co in Ringkøbing.

Centrally located in Ringkøbing you will find Kylling & Co Ringkøbing. Here, a healthier alternative of take away is offered in Ringkøbing.

Kylling & Co is part of a chain, which is distributed in several Jutland cities, and has since 2009 targeted the concept to be a more serious and healthy alternative to the traditional fast food.

Kylling & Co in Ringkøbing therefore opened its doors in 2013, and thus came a healthy and varied selection of take away for the westerners. Kylling & Co offers daily a delicious selection of salads, and exciting specialties from around the world. In addition, tasty sandwiches, bagels, burgers and juicy rotisserie-fried, Danish Gårdkyllinger are also served.

The chicken meat itself is what characterizes Kylling & Co, as Kylling & Co is strict in using good quality and fresh poultry. That is why the chain's chickens come from selected Danish farms, and when the chickens are cooked, a special spice mixture is used, which gives the chicken an extra good taste.