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Læsø Kunst & Kultur

Haabet on Læsø

On the southwestern part of Læsø, in the rural area Tørkeriet, is the country estate Haabet.
Originally, the property was a traditional Læsø farm with associated agriculture.
The farm has expanded over time and today appears as a four-lane, partly seaweed-laden Læsø farm for living.

In 1979, the artist Per Kirkeby (1938-2018) visited Læsø. The interest in the island and the desire to be able to immerse oneself in the artistic work and in nature during long stays flourished.
Later that year, the Kirkeby family bought a share of Haabet from the then owners, Søren and Inga Rasmussen. In the following years, the farm was jointly owned by the families.

In the following years, the associated barn at Haabet in particular underwent a beautiful and carefully arranged conversion, where the Læsø farm's characteristic style and visibility of the rooms' original function was preserved. The redevelopment was intended to transform these areas into housing and work space for the Kirkeby family.

After Per Kirkeby's death in 2018, Læsø Kunst og Kultur acquired the property from the Kirkeby family in 2019.

Læsø Artist in Residence - Per Kirkeby's and Asger Jorn's artist homes on Læsø

During the year, Læsø Artist in Residence offers a number of events in the unique artist residences, where the renowned artists Per Kirkeby (1938-2018) and Asger Jorn (1914-1973) lived and worked for many years during their stay on Læsø.

Læsø Artist in Residence is a work and residence program for professional Danish and foreign visual artists, who are selected each year to stay at Læsø Artist in Residence in Per Kirkeby's and Asger Jorn's former artist residences.

For the events, the artist residences will be opened to the public. Here you can experience the stories of Per Kirkeby's and Asger Jorn's work and stay on Læsø, and meet the working artists and hear more about their work.