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Langesø MTB Track

Try two of Denmark's best MTB tracks in absolutely fantastic and challenging terrain!

The MTB track in the Langesø woods are both beautiful and challenging, and here you can ride your bike on exciting roads that aren't otherwise accessible to cyclists. The track is only available to those who have a license or day pass.

Track info:

Length: About 10 and 15 km.
Difficulty: Blue, red, black, orange
Marked trails: Yes
Pay for licence or day pass? Yes

At Langesø Castle, you'll find 2 mountain bike tracks, 2 technical areas and a downhill track for the experienced daredevils.

Northern track

The northern track in the Langesø Estate is about 15 km and has lots of technically difficult passages for even the best riders. For the same reason, the north track is also called the black track, but here there are finely marked chicken runs for the less daring. Efforts are always made to keep the track attractive and a thoroughfare includes everything from technical climbs to berms, jumps, rock gardens and lots of flow. You won't be bored.

Along the trail, you can hone your mountain biking skills in a technical area, and you can bike close past the downhill track, which is only for experienced mountain bikers with the right equipment.

Southern track

The southern track at Langesø Castle is about 10 km. and easier and more beginner friendly than the Northern track, but there are still plenty of challenges and many passages for even experienced riders. Difficult passages are clearly marked, and there are chicken runs for the less daring. Efforts are always made to keep the track attractive with new sections. A thoroughfare includes everything from technical climbs to berms, hops, rock gardens and lots of flow.

At the start of the Southern Track, you'll find a small training area where you can refine your technique.

Bonus info: The MTB tracks in Langesø have twice been voted by the Danish newspaper Politiken to be among Denmark's 10 best MTB tracks.

Remember to buy a day pass or a license

The forest is privately owned, and you must pay before using the tracks. You can buy a day pass for DKK 100. It is bought as self-service in the restaurant Douglashuset at the golf course (walk into the left side of the house and up the stairs) . Remember to bring cash. A day pass applies to both the North and South tracks.
You can also buy a license for the whole year. See more about day passes and licenses at langesoe.dk/fritid-sport/mtb/

Don't forget to relax a bit!

When you've finished your bike ride, or you're taking a break between the 2 tracks, you can enjoy a delicious ice cream cone in Langesø Vaffelhus in summer, or grab a burger in Douglashuset, the restaurant overlooking the golf courses.
If you still have more in your legs, you can enjoy a great walk around the lake.

It's possible to wash and pump your bike in the car park by the waffle house, where there are also toilets.

In December, there are Christmas markets during the weekends, and there are several other events during the year. Stay tuned via Langesø Estate on Facebook


You can park in the parking lot at Douglashuset / the Golf course or in the parking lot at Vaffelhuset.