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Late Summer Festival | Under the Nordic sky

The opening concert of the Late Summer Festival celebrates the start of our 10th anniversary, focusing on music from the far north with something as special as the Sami Joike culture from the Norwegian nature people

Norwegian Sami and multi-artist Ailloš takes the audience on an exciting journey into this fascinating musical form of communication.

The great Norwegian composer Lasse Thoresen has even arranged a work for Ailloš and the Norwegian elite choir Nordic Voices, who will also shine with evocative choral works from the Renaissance at this concert. Thoresen’s own Solbøn, awarded by the Nordic Council, will also be performed.

The audience can also look forward to hearing Thoresen’s new version of the romance for violin and piano and the premiere of the female Danish/American composer Lil Lacy’s romance, for violin and piano, on texts by William Shakespeare. Both works are composed for the festival.