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Legeparken for children - Free large playground in Kolding

In the Legeparken you can climb, ride a mooncar, enjoy your packed lunch and much, much more!

Legeparken is a paradise for all playful children and guarantees unceasing entertainment for many hours. This place is almost inexhaustible of exciting activities on the ground, on the water and in the air, which will challenge you and at the same time bring a huge smile to your face.

On the ground, you can drive on the racetrack with one of the moon cars, and if you are sharp, you can become the best and fastest driver on the field. However, remember that this is only possible with one condition: You need to follow the traffic rules. So pay attention to the traffic lights and crosswalks during the race.

Stop by the more traditional playground as well, where you can build a castle in the sandbox, try the climbing racks and hop on one of the colorful springers.

If you would like to conquer the water, take a boat trip or test your power with one of the pedal boats on the lake, the blue heart of the park. There is an island in the middle of the lake with a high tower, which you can only reach by crossing the water. Be one of the few and bravest, who dares to set foot on this island.

Those experiences that lift you high up in the air will definitely increase your adrenaline level as well. The swings and slides are not your typical kinds in Legeparken; that is for sure. Here, you can swing all the way up to the sky and slide down from high, so steeply that your belly will do a somersault.

As the perfect ending of an adventurous day in the park, ask one of the employees to turn on the grill, so you and your parents can prepare the food that you brought from home. And what could be better than a tasty picnic in nature? Well, maybe a delicious ice cream from the kiosk after your belly is almost full and your body is tired after a full day of active playing.

If the things mentioned above did not convince you to visit Legeparken, we have one last surprise for you: The park is open all year long and you can enjoy all the activities and facilities completely free of charge. The only thing you need to do is just to get out there!