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Letbanen and city buses

City buses and Letbanen, the Light Rail, make it quick and easy to get around Aarhus and the entire Aarhus Region. Distances are short and the region has a fine-meshed network of bus routes linked to the Light Rail. This makes it easy for you to get around.

City buses and regional buses

The local city buses in Aarhus are yellow, while the blue buses take you further around the region and the country. Wherever you go, the extensive network ensures a fast and convenient journey.

Letbanen, Aarhus Light Rail

The ‘L2’ light railway runs between Odder and Lisbjergskolen. On the line there are stations at Aarhus Central Station, DOKK1 and Aarhus University Hospital in Skejby. You can get an overview of the entire route and see all light rail stations on Midttrafik's website.

The ‘L1’ light railway runs between Aarhus H and Grenaa with stops in Lystrup and Ryomgård, among others.

Read more about the Light Rail here (Danish).

City buses and bus stops

You'll find stops for the yellow city buses and the Light Rail everywhere in Aarhus. The area around the Central Station and City Hall is the main hub, and most buses have routes that pass this area.

Find the city buses for Aarhus, Grenaa, Randers, Silkeborg and Viborg here.

Buy your ticket BEFORE travelling

Please note that you must always buy your ticket before travelling. 

Read more about tickets for the Aarhus region here.

You can find timetables at www.midttrafik.dk and at rejseplanen.dk.

If you do not have a valid ticket, you will have to pay a substantial fine (approx. 130 euros).

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